Candle Holders

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    İroni Small Size Turquoise Pricket 2KTO1CO10

    Small Size Turquoise Pricket
    550,00 TL

    Armaggan Chandelier MA-CD-00266

    450,00 TL
    427,50 TL

    Antik Silver Five Arm Silver Chandelier SL 401

    Five Arm Silver Chandelier
    16.050,00 TL

    İroni Iris Candle Holder (Small) 2KSO2PO19

    Iris Candle Holder (Small)
    550,00 TL

    Carrol Boyes Drop In Candle Holder CA-AC

    Drop In Candle Holder
    735,00 TL

    Michael Aram Palace Candle Holders IN.ARAM.175455

    Palace Candle Holders
    3.160,00 TL

    Mud Pie Octopus Taper Holder INMUD4981005

    Octopus Taper Holder
    205,00 TL

    Lladró Parrot Icon 01007859

    Parrot Icon
    3.390,80 TL

    İroni Middle Size Turquoise Pricket 2OTOOCO10

    Middle Size Turquoise Pricket
    600,00 TL

    Armaggan Candlestick BR-CD-00012

    1.750,00 TL
    1.662,50 TL

    Sagebrook Home White Green Selenite Candle Holder SAGEBROOK13325-02

    White Green Selenite Candle Holder
    890,00 TL

    Armaggan Yıldız Candle Holder Medium MA-CD-00073

    Yıldız Candle Holder Medium
    1.250,00 TL
    1.187,50 TL

    Antik Silver Silver Chandelier RN 234

    Silver Chandelier
    8.450,00 TL

    Sagebrook Home Mirrored 5 Pillar Candle Holder SAGEBROOK13223

    Mirrored 5 Pillar Candle Holder
    1.215,00 TL

    Lladró Naturo Single Candle Holder 01007957

    Naturo Single Candle Holder
    2.107,28 TL

    İroni Pricket With Agate 2TTOOPOO8

    Pricket With Agate
    750,00 TL

    Armaggan Yekduse Chandelier Double MA-CD-00206

    Yekduse Chandelier Double
    2.750,00 TL
    2.612,50 TL

    Lladró Parrot Star 01007858

    Parrot Star
    3.160,92 TL

    Armaggan Candle Holder MA-DO-00264

    Candle Holder
    650,00 TL
    617,50 TL

    Anatoli Candle Holder 8680571800371

    Candle Holder
    995,00 TL

    Antik Silver Silver Flower Chandelier SL 444

    Silver Flower Chandelier
    2.600,00 TL

    Armaggan Yekduse Chandelier Triple MA-CD-00204

    Yekduse Chandelier Triple
    3.000,00 TL
    2.850,00 TL

    Accract Giraffe Bowl GRF-120

    Giraffe Bowl
    1.490,00 TL

    Mud Pie Large Candlestick INMUD4735010S

    Large Candlestick
    145,00 TL

    Armaggan Mirror Candle Holder MA-CD-00209

    Mirror Candle Holder
    950,00 TL
    902,50 TL

    Armaggan Yekduse Chandelier Single MA-CD-00208

    Yekduse Chandelier Single
    2.500,00 TL
    2.375,00 TL

    Lladró Naturo Single Candle Holder 01007959

    Naturo Single Candle Holder
    3.767,56 TL

    Michael Aram White Orchid Candleholders IN.ARAM.111807

    White Orchid Candleholders
    2.875,00 TL

    Carrol Boyes Candlestick XCLSE-ZG

    430,00 TL

    Mud Pie Blue Glass Candle Sticks INMUD4735009L

    Blue Glass Candle Sticks
    410,00 TL

    Lladró Parrot Friends 01007857

    Parrot Friends
    5.951,47 TL

    Accract Magnolia Medium Candlestick MAG-14

    Magnolia Medium Candlestick
    980,00 TL

    Armaggan Idare Candle Holder MA-CD-00092-1

    Idare Candle Holder
    1.150,00 TL
    1.092,50 TL